Friday, March 21, 2008

Faith Restored

So this week brought Hawksley Workman to St. Andrews Wesley Church in Vancouver.

Understand that I am a huge Hawksley fan. Huge. And I'm at my hugest huge fan-ness when he plays in a quiet, seated venue. Like a church. And even more so when we are lucky enough to score second row - I mean, second pew - seating. Luckily I'm on the HW mailing list, and was given the opportunity to buy tickets through his website - which meant preferred seating. And a very happy me.

Now, I've spoken about my Hawksley love previously. No need really to do so again here. Or to give a detailed review - this review of the Ottawa show gives a good enough summary of the experience. And I've posted a number of videos here for those that want to experience it second hand. So what to say, what to say.....

What I didn't love: Having to be a paranoid camera sneaker (as in "someone who sneaks", not a running shoe). In the second row, 6 feet from the stage, on the centre aisle, me and my beloved camera were pretty exposed. And we were told upon entering that there was to be no photography in the church. But how could I NOT take photographs? So, I snuck a few at first - including my favorite of the night, the close up headshot I've posted here - probably my best shot yet, and a total fluke (as all my photos are). And then I tried to video without being seen - so I held my camera pretty much to my chest, completely unable to see the view screen on the back. Which is why, on the video I've posted, the beginning bit has some pretty funny framing (why do we need to see all his head anyway?..). And was also the reason my hands started to cramp. And was also the reason I (stupidly) held my camera sideways for part of the night...which subsequently is why I spent about 5 hours fussing and internet searching until i found a way to successfully rotate and post my mpg files (THANK YOU to the developer of Mpeg Streamclip - excellent freeware!!).

I also didn't love that my brother couldn't come as he was felled by a virulent plague that is passing through the city right now. Really not at all fair.

What I did love: Apart from the obvious? The audience. Really, you guys were SO well behaved. Quiet, quiet, quiet. I guess we are all programmed to be quiet in church. But I also think that it is a credit to Hawksley's ability to hold an audience as well. I love his meandering, funny, odd stories almost as much as I love the music, and obviously I wasn't alone.

So, after my slight uneasiness with his last CD, my faith in Hawksley has been restored. Of course, I wanted MORE - more old songs, more more more more. But I'm a Hawksley glutton; so I will just have to wait, patiently, for more. Next time.

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Bobby B said...

Hey man, thanks for the kind words on my blog. I really enjoyed this post. Love your sense of humor, which is something that I try to incorporate in my blog too. I don't know if you read the post or not, but I recently became a Hawksley convert after seeing his performance at the Dansforth Music Hall. Quite the showman.